Have you ever considered an Illuminated Bathroom? Or having LED mirrors in your home? Another innovative idea is the "infinity mirror". With LED mirrors, certain intricate designs can make awe-inspiring wall displays or even dress up the décor of your bathroom. Home decorations in the 21st Century are taking on a life of their very own. Thanks to innovative technology like LED's, making your home uniquely beautiful doesn't need to be expensive.

There is really no comparison when it comes to LED lights vs. the traditional incandescent choice. With average bulbs lighting your home, most people never really look at the actual cost of the bulb. We need to take into account the labor expense and overall costs of replacing incandescent bulbs. Just imagine replacing these incandescent bulbs in office buildings, the maintenance costs alone must be staggering. However, LED options immediately reduce the costs in an office building as well as in a home.
It is an interesting concept to imagine but it can quickly become a reality in the world, to technologically spice up your very own bathroom.
You've more than likely have heard of Infra-red technology, but have you ever heard of it in a bathroom? By using LED light, the design becomes inexpensive and the option of purchase becomes incredibly affordable. For example, a fully equipped LED mirror for your bathroom comes with infra-red on/off sensors, anti mist demister pads and even a shaver socket.